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Replay – Mass Effect 2

Few games really take player choice to heart and implement it in any meaningful way. With its multitude of branching paths, loyalty missions, and an ending that lived and died on the choices you’ve made before, 2010’s Mass Effect 2 set the golden standard for players to create their own. story for Commander Shepard and their crew.

In addition to the gripping narrative, Bioware’s beloved sequel also improved on the rough edges of the original and created one of the best sci-fi games ever.

Join Andrew Reiner, Dan Tack, myself and our newest team member Liana Ruppert as we spring from Mass Effect 2 and discuss where we want the series to go next.

We were supposed to pre-tap this week’s show, but we’ll be back in seven days with another fun episode! If you can’t get enough of our live shows, be sure to subscribe on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Facebook to be notified when we go live each week!

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